Monday, March 17, 2008

Initial Bracket Thoughts

Editors Note: I haven't had a good looking bracket in about 4 years, so take this for what its worth.

The Big-11: As much as I've pounded the Big-11 this year, things are set up pretty nicely for them. Purdue and Michigan State get first round byes vs Baylor and Temple, respectively. Seriously, I had no idea Baylor was even in the discussion for an at-large bid. I herd the word "bubble" about 25,000 times in the last two weeks and never herd the Bears even mentioned. Temple has been so far off the radar the past few years Matt thought John Chaney still coached the Owls. Do they still run the straight 2-3 zone? Anyone? Indiana plays the typical 8-9 coin flip game. Bucky's road until Kansas isn't too tough with Georgetown, in my opinion, being clearly the worst #2 seed on the board. USC could give UW headaches in round 2. All told, the Big-11 could easily be 4-0 after round 1, with a chance for some more wins after that. Not saying they will, but its set up nice to do so.

The Little Guys: I love seeing the mid majors knock off the big conferences, but they all play each other! Davidson-Gonzaga, Kent St-UNLV, S. Alabama-Butler, Western Kentucky-Drake. South Alabama a 10 seed at-large from the Sun Belt is a bit high. Plus, somehow, they had an RPI of 29! That RPI is a joke.

Marquette: Can Tommy Golden-Tan win a NCAA game without Wade? It's the same story for MU. They have the ability of beating both Kentucky and Stanford, but will they? UK is without their best player, which is nice. If they get by them, Stanford provides another style contrast with MU. Despite MU's big men being not much more than just bodies, they defend other bigs pretty well...which they would have to do vs the brothers Lopez. I'll pick them to lose to UK, just so I'm pleasantly surprised if they win.

UCLA: They have the easiest walk to the Final Four. Duke is junk as a 2, Xavier is the 3, and UConn is the 4...who should be more like a 6.

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garcia said...

I hate their team, but Butler got hosed big time with their 7 seed and their South Alabama draw. Bucky needs K-State to win for the better match-up. I hate the thought of playing USC and their fast paced offense. Marquette needs D-james to show up as well as Hayward.