Friday, March 21, 2008

I am f'ing good!

That is what Stephen Curry said today. Has to be one of the best halfs in NCAA tourney history. He was fun to watch. Will be interesting to see Flowers guard him in the Sweet 16 if it comes to that.

Also congrats to #5 for Western Kentucky. Also, I think WKU's hispanic guy had a mullet.


Woz said...

Here he is...he must have shaved into that mohawk for the tournament

Kurt Warner's wife said...

Curry's mom is kind of a MILF...way better than Wes Jr's mom. What was CBS's big love affair with her in MU's opening game?

Anonymous said...

I have to say these first 2 days of the tourney have been pretty boring compared to past years. Lots of games that just were never close, and the ones that were involved teams that won't be doing much in the tourney anyway.

brad said...

Anonymous - Agree about yesterday. That sucked. Today was much better with two 12s and 2 13s winning. The Drake-WCarolina game was great. Overall, yes, many of the games were decided before the final minute.

AP said...

We resorted to calling that guy on WKU "hair guy" when we were watching.

You know like, "Oh watch out, hair guy's open down low!"

Good times.