Saturday, March 22, 2008

Greater Chuckie Hacks Open. Post-1st Round Update

We will have a new winner in this year's GCHO as defending champion Paul Wambold has decided not to participate. Paul must figure he is too much of an expert to participate in such a contest such as this one.

Through the first round, we have a tie at the top. I am tied with Joel C. with 54 points (27 games correct). We also have a 4-way tie for third. Tony M. has two of those second place entries. After sweating out the first game of the tourney in which his alma matter, Xavier, had to make a strong second half run to overtake the Georgia Bulldogs, Tony is sitting pretty with two top entries. Also tied with Tony are none other than Chuck Carr and Tim B, our DC area representative.

Some other bracket facts:
  • We have a tie for best possible score. I am tied with Tim B. with a best possible score of 222.
  • Mark P. and Andy D. are currently in last place. Don't know about Andy's entry, but I will cut mark some slack since this could be the entry submitted by his 10-year old daughter. If this is Mark's legit entry, then he deserves ridicule.
  • We have two Brads in the competition and at this point, their wives are beating both of them. That's not good.
  • Kyle K. told me he did not enter this year because he didn't want to spend the money. Didn't realize our zero dollar entry free was too high. I'll cut him some slack as he did move to a new city last weekend. It's either that or he is Captain Sandy Vagina.
  • Again, thanks to all who entered. Many new names this year.
  • Hope every one is enjoying the tourney so far and is as sick of the commercials as I am. I hardly ever eat at Applebee's. Maybe once a year. After this weekend, I am looking to make that zero times.
  • You can check the standings here.

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Greatone said...

I'm in last yes, but don't worry when MSU takes down Pitt you can tear my sheet up, that usually happens on Day 1