Monday, March 31, 2008

Early Reviews

Well, the newly re-made Brewers bullpen was 75% solid today.

Unfortunately, the 25% non-solid component was the closer. Luckily the Cubs new closer was similarly brutal.

It was nice to see a Brewers comeback in response to the Cubs comeback (small ball? really?) and other than Gagne's little gaffe at not covering first base the new defense seemed solid too. Perhaps Goldy will have to remove the "not clutch" tag from Ryan Braun, and Corey Hart continues to be unquestionably clutch.

Fukudome will not get on base tomorrow. Guaranteed.


Thunder John said...

Regarding Eric Gagne...

Let's avoid the rush and start hating him now.

brad said...

Love the 1-2-3 by Riske in the 10th.

Woz said...

Riske was all fired up after getting that last out. He's officially my guy.

Don't forget when we signed him there were intentions of making him the closer before Gagne became available.