Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cubs Spring Training Preview

Jon Donovan takes his turn today previewing the Chicago Cubs (or more accurately, their Spring Training site).

Standard fare.

Except that he interviewed a couple of twenty-something Cubs fans bragging about thier exploits (in an apparent effort to show their Cubs-fan-worthiness?)

Some highlights:

Morrison tells the story of the time he got put in "Cubbie Jail" twice in one game: First, when he had to wrest a home-run ball from a friend, a Brewers' fan, to throw it back on the field. (He took too long to do it, and the cops rung him up for it.) The second time, after he was sprung, he bought a ticket from a scalper to get back in the game, only to be caught again.

Awesome! You're so awesome!

Radford claims the guys got Dempster to stop in at a Wrigley-area bar after a game. "Dempster's down," Radford says. "He drank one, too, and said, 'I got to go home or my wife will be mad.' Everybody knew that was cool."

Everybody knows that Dempster's down. Actually, he's awesome.

"I pushed a 7-year-old girl over to get a ball once," McCloi says with a straight face. "And I didn't get it."

Cubs fans - beating up little girls from Mesa to Moline.


Nubs said...

Most accurate statement is the label stupid people, nice work. Also tell your boys over at Wrigleyville that I love the multiple responses of jinx following any positive post. nice

Wrigleyville said...

it's a fact, nubs.

scott mccloi said...

Just because we're twentysomething and we get drunk doesn't make us stupid. We're die hard cub fans who aren't just your everyday wrigley drunks. We travel to spring training and around the country watching the cubs. Until you've lived in another country and awoke at 2 am to watch opening day, watch who you call dtupid

mccloi said...

sorry stupid, now i do sound stupid!