Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, Bubble....

Anybody else sick of this term? Its everywhere. Over, and over, and over. Talk about media generated debate. Do these teams even do anything in the tourney? More than likely, they will be 12 seeds that might win a game and fall in the second round. I’ve herd more about Syracuse in the last 2 weeks than UCLA, Kansas, and Wisconsin combine! Who really cares if Villanova, Ohio State, or Virginia Tech get in? Maybe they win one game. Speaking of, the V-Tech coach, after losing to Carolina by 2 yesterday, emphatically stated:

“If you don’t think we are one of the best 65 teams in the country, you are clinically insane.”

Well, tie me up in a straight jacket and throw me in a padded room. Check out their resume. Their best win is against, all together now, bubble team Miami (FL). Oh, and they lost to Penn State, Richmond, and NC State.

Another popular debate is “who should get a #1 seed?” This one is more legitimate, because certain 1 seeds can play 50 miles from home, a big advantage. The 1-2 seed debate was in full swing on ESPN last night until Bobby Knight opened his mouth. I love Knight. He’s 20 times better than I expected and could listen to him all day. Anyway, right in the middle of this “hot button topic,” Knight says something to the effect of (paraphrasing):

“Who cares? As for 1 or 2 seeds, it doesn’t matter. They all win the first round. In the second, they play a 7, 8, 9, or 10 seed. These teams are all pretty much the same. Then in the third round, a 1 seed usually plays a 4, and a 2 plays a 3. 3s and 4s are also the same teams, so what does it matter?”

There was a bunch of stunned faces on the set because they know Knight just dismissed one of their favorite, go-to debates. It was priceless


Woz said...

I was reading this post when all of a sudden they have Greenberg on GameDay for 3-4 minutes just SELLING his team.

Ravech finally cut him off. The guys sounded like a life insurance salesman pushing a whole-life.

Matt said...

He'll be OK - they'll be hosting a first round NIT game in Blacksburg.

Anonymous said...

Greenberg was on the post-selection show on ESPN again whining about how they didn't get in and how more teams should get in because it helps their student athlete experience just like all the bowl games do for football.

Uh, you still can play in the NIT, which is just as meaningless as the 394 non-BCS bowl games you compared it to. Just shut up and go away. I was waiting for him to bring up the shootings as a reason for them to get in as well.