Thursday, March 13, 2008

Apparently this guy hates Cappy

Some schmuck named Jim Street decided to write a very researched game piece about the Brewers spring training game yesterday. Here was the title of his piece:
Capuano can't find groove vs. Seattle
Left-hander struggles for third straight outing in Cactus play

Then he writes exactly 1 sentence about Capuano in the actually article:
Chris Capuano struggled again, allowing 6 hits and 5 runs (all unearned) in 3 2/3 innings.

Way to take the time and breakdown Cappy's outing Jim. Seems to me that Cappy was in a fine or perhaps adequate groove until the errors started piling up. I wouldn't deem allowing 5 unearned runs as "struggling."

In the same paragraph he also referred to Carlos as "Carl Villanueva." Not sure if that was a format issue with the web page or something, but for the sake of every cougar Carlos is going to bang this year I don't want to ever see him referred to as "Carl" again.

Real beat writers Adam McCalvy & Tom Haudricourt actually found time to write decent articles about the game, noting the lack of quality defense for Capuano. All three of the errors and all of the runs Cappy let up were after two outs. So using my powers of common sense, if said errors didn't happen then Cappy would have pitched 4 innings of run-free ball. Nice game report Jim.

In other news, the Chuckie Hacks management team is sending me on my first assignment, and I'll be attending the spring training game this Saturday against the powerhouse Kansas City Royals. A post with quotes and analysis will follow.


AP said...

But even with the errors he didn't pitch that well, right? (I do realize it's only a couple of innings in Spring Training.)

Granted the defense was horrible, but even minus those 3 errors he gave up 6 hits and 3 doubles in 3.2IP. You could still call almost a 2.00 WHIP struggling, yes?

Woz said...

Call it what you want to call it. Yeah Cappy got his tits lit once the right side of the infield decided to stop playing, but it should have never gotten to that point.

My main point is the horrible journalism done by the guy that wrote the article.

AP said...

Agreed on the bad journalism point....

I guess my point was that we'd probably need 7 Ozzie Smith's on the infield at one time to support a pitching performance like that and give up 0 runs.

IMHO, I hope they deal Cappy/Bush/Vargas sooner rather than later and stop holding out to try to "get as much as they can get" for those clowns.

Chris said...

Jim Street is the Mariner beat writer on If you go to the Mariner website you get the same game story, but the headline reads: Morse makes most of at-bats vs. Crew

Street got the writing assignment because the game was a Mariner home game, but he didn't write the headline...or, headlines as the case may be.

E.S.K. said...

3.2 innings, 6 hits.

Yeah, he pitched excellent.

Don't worry, even when he is in the pen you can still affectionately refer to him as Cappy.