Thursday, March 20, 2008

3 more wins til the Final 4

Marquette to the 2nd round bitches. First time in the James-McNeal-Matthews era.

THAT was an exciting basketball game to watch. Marquette decided to take it straight to the hoop the entire game, and beat UK on the glass and on the free throw line. Some comments:

-I watched the game at a little dive nook in DT Milwaukee called "My Office." The bartender was a little buzzed on cuervo by the time the 2nd half rolled around. Every time they called Jasper's name from Kentucky he would scream out "Jahhhspa!" no matter what he was doing. It was rocking.
-While fouling Burke like that off the ball was a bush league intramural type play, he shouldn't have been in the game in the first place. He's a liability at the line at that point in the game when free throws matter the most. Crean shouldn't have had him in there.
-Joe Crawford reminded me of Baron Davis. That was a siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick game.
-Wes Matthews & D. James: combined 5-19 from the floor, but 17-20 from the line. Nice job fellas. Hats especially off to Wes for going 8-8 in the final minute. That's how you close down a game.
-Bilas said Crean told him before the game that Ousmane Barro was Marquette's "X-factor." My response: "No, he fucking isn't."

Stanford prolly up next.


Anonymous said...

Marquette to the 2nd round bitches. "First time in the James-McNeal-Matthews era."

Way to be proud of that. I guess you have to celebrate these moments when you're only used to winning post-season games in the NIT.

brad said... sure told him "anonymous."

Stanford's sloths will be tough to will MU's guards.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I told him that it's pathetic to celebrate a win in the NCAA tournament by 3 players that have been around for 3 years. Act like you've been there before


Anonymous said...

PS I am gay


Anonymous said...

PSS I am also a Badger fan.

Or is that redundant?


Goldy said...

Way to get pumped up for that 6 seed vs. 11 seed victory.