Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Happened to that "Neither Snow Nor Rain..." Motto?

I've been meaning to post this for a few days but have been unavoidably detained.

I got a hilarious notice from my local post office on Saturday. Basically, it said that I needed to shovel 6 feet on either side of my mailbox so the mail carrier could deliver my mail.

Mind you, my mailbox is out near the street, and is currently under a snowbank that is approximately 6 feet in height. Oh, and the snowbank is actually an icebank, because it was -30 last weekend.

Yeah, since I don't have a blowtorch or a backhoe, I will not be shoveling 12 feet of my snowbank. My mail really isn't that important to me.


AP said...

I love it. It's like a standoff between Matt & the Federal government; who's the first to give. I hope, for Matt's sake, this doesn't turn into another Waco type thing.....

Damn the man, Matt......

Anonymous said...

Cancel the mail and wear a bucket on your head.
Fight the good fight!

matt said...

I'm winning so far. I got my mail yesterday.

Goldy said...

Postmaster General: "Kramer, I've been, uh, reading some of your material
here. I gotta be honest with you: you make a pretty strong case. I mean, just
imagine. An army of men in wool pants running through the neighborhood
handing out pottery catalogs, door to door."
Kramer: "Yeah! Ha ha."
Postmaster General: "Well, it's my job. And I'm pretty damn serious about it.
In addition to being a postmaster, I'm a general. And we both know, it's the
job of a general to, by God, get things done. So maybe you can understand why
I get a little irritated when someone calls me away from my golf."
Kramer: "I'm very, very sorry."
Postmaster General: "Sure, you're sorry. I think we got a stack of mail out
at the desk that belongs to you. Now, you want that mail, don't you Mr.
Kramer: "Sure do!"

Anonymous said...

We are not blind to their tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Wait, who's wearing the bucket?