Thursday, February 14, 2008

Weekly Bucks Report - Blow Up

Oh yes, the proverbial shit has hit the fan here in Bucks land.

In a matter of a few days, whatever hope this franchise had for making the "playoffs" or salvaging their season has been completely flushed. Trying to put a positive spin on their season ,they made people believe playing the majority of their remaining games at home was going to have an impact. What do the Bucks do? THEY LOSE 3 CONSECUTIVE HOME GAMES.

But that's not the point of this rambling. I started hearing rumblings last night about a team meeting gone bad. My buddy Travis (who is becoming one of those guys that "knows things") informed me Steve "the Homer" True was reporting the speculation of what happened at this team meeting on his radio show. No local media was giving it any play, but a couple other blogs mentioned it, most notably The Bratwurst, which linked its info from a Bucks' message board.

No source is officially disclosed, but the fact that this many details came out at least the general theme from this meeting can be deemed as legitimate. Here are the basics of what happened:
-Krystkowiak held a team meeting after the loss to the Clippers, sensing his team was crumbling in front of him. He brought out some sort of written pledge and handed a copy to everyone on the team, looking for everyone to sign it. Apparently there was stuff on this pledge to the tune of "we're all in a fox hole together." Whatever. irrelevant.
-Bogut tries to say something. Mo Williams pretty much owns Bogut by saying he has no presence because he is still under his first rookie contract. Bogut is shut down.
-Charlie V snaps because he thinks he isn't getting enough playing time. He thinks Yi is getting more minutes than warranted.

Mo Williams is a piece of trash. Its that simple. This little punk is in his 5th NBA season. Bogut is in his 3rd. He thinks he is the savvy vet? He thinks he is the leader of this team? Is this a joke? Williams just signed his first major free agent deal last year! This isn't like Charles Oakley at age 35 punking Tracy McGrady when he was still on the Raptors or something like that. Williams is like 2 years older that Bogut, he has no veteran presence.

Charlie V complaining about playing time? CHARLIE EFFING V? Charlie "I am 6'10 but keep jacking 3's at a 27% clip" V? Charlie "I complained about playing time but got hurt AGAIN when they gave me more minutes the next game" V? Charlie V is this Bucks' team version of Tim Thomas...a complete waste of talent. I'm not a skilled judge of basketball talent but I do know this...Charlie V is not so grossly better that Yi that he has the right to bitch about the lack of playing time (whether or not Senator Kohl is in Coach K's hear telling him to get Yi more minutes).

Where is the local media in all of this? There has been nothing reported at all...not even on the JSONLINE Bucks Blog. Tom Enlund should be ashamed of himself. He had to have known about the failed team meeting after the Clippers game. He's the main Bucks beat writer. So what does he do? He writes a piece on Mo Williams about how Mo states he is not going to worry about wins or losses anymore and just have fun playing basketball. A good reporter would have put a different spin on things. He would have let the public know that the Bucks starting point guard and 2nd highest player on the team was "not thinking about the season" anymore. To me...this sucks! Our point guard doesn't care if we win! How is this a good thing?!

And oh yeah, as soon as Bogut's contract is up, he is gone. No way in hell he is staying with this franchise.

If more to this story gets some credible coverage, you can bet more Bucks fans are going to bitch. I can never remember a Bucks season like this. It just seems like no one, from management down to the players, is doing anything right.


Greatone said...


Bucks should move to Vegas, no one cares

How can Travis be your buddy when you have never met him?

birdhas said...

Woz, quit wasting your time writing about the Bucks. Write something about Tecmo Super Bowl next week.

train said...

Who are these Bucks you speak of? Are they in the Coulee conference?

Travis said...

ah the memories....

brad said...

You bring up some good points. A) Why was none of this reported? B) Why does Mo think he's the spokesman for the team. He's junk. At least Bogut works hard and does things like rebound and takes charges.

The Bucks are a greasefire.

matt said...

I am a Bucks fan.

This makes me sad. But maybe if they reach rock bottom, they'll change their philosophy. Doesn't that Eastern Conference Finals team seem like an eternity ago?

AP said...

Matt's comments about the team hitting "rock bottom" make the Bucks sound similar heroin addicts. I think that's a bit unfair to people addicted to heroin.....

Travis said...

It wasn't reported because it was an unnamed individual that posted the comments in a chat room. You or I could've, in theory, written the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I forgot that we had a "professional" basketball team in this city until I was offered free tickets to the game on Wednesday. Needless to say, I had some AMAZING seats and no one else in our entire row even showed up. No wonder why the tickets are being given away. You should definitely write about Tecmo or Mitch Hedburg, or something more useful. By the way, i think big foot is blurry, and that is extra scary to me.

highplaya said...

I will not waste my time reading about the Bucks.