Friday, February 22, 2008

Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament

I think its safe to say that if you are a male reader of this blog, Tecmo Super Bowl has had some sort of meaningful effect on what sort of person you are today. For me, while I played the game incessantly as a child, I rediscovered the game in college, where many a wasted day went by playing numerous games with usually 5 or 6 other guys waiting to see who had next game.

My main claim to fame was 2nd semester of my freshman year, in a full season in which 12 human players played, I won the Super Bowl with the Indianapolis Colts (beating some born-again virgin who was the 49ers that season). That's right bitches. I won the Super Bowl with the Colts, who are a bottom five Tecmo team (that's how good I was).

While the competitive itch comes and goes, it is still there, underneath the surface. Here's how the scratch the itch baby. Tecmo IV: L.T's Revenge! A 48 player tecmo tournament! How awesome is that?! Details will follow, but let it be known I am going to do my best to show these chumps just what Woz can do when he puts his mind towards something.

While were on the topic of Tecmo on a Friday afternoon, take a look at this website I found: in which a guy ranks position players in Tecmo. While the man does a pretty standard job, there are some glaring mistakes which I would like to point out:
-Christina Okoye (The Nigerian Nightmare) is not a "notable" running back...which I guess by this list he is saying he is the 4th best running back in the game. All those astute players of Tecmo know he is fumble prone (and injury-prone if you are playing a full season). I would say he is somewhere along the lines of 8th or 9th best. I won't argue with the guys in front of him, but I would have listed Marion Butts as the notable there. He is probably the most underrated RB in the entire game that nobody talks about. Guy has ridiculous speed, is tough, doesn't fumble, and has the ability to change direction without losing momentum (which is crucial in Tecmo).
-How is Morten Anderson not included as one of the best kickers? Has this guy ever played before? I have drained numerous 70 yarders with Morten providing the leg.
-While I like his receiver list (Henry Ellard is probably the 2nd best), he should have at least made mention of the beast that was Tommy Kane (Seahawks). Yes, Tommy Kane later in life killed his wife, but he was dominant in 1 on 1 battles and would always out jump any defensive back. One time in college, I played against a guy who was the Seahawks. Here was Tommy Kane's final line: 4 catches, 4 td's, 320 yards. I shit you not.
-The Colts are not the worst team in the game. Anybody who says that has never played with them. Their offense is SOLID. Jeff George at QB, Jessie Hester & Bill Brooks at WR, with Al Bentley giving you some quality yards on the ground. Anybody who doesn't think New England is the worst team hasn't played enough Tecmo.

Who wants a game?


Anonymous said...

You're admitting to kicking field goals? Grow a set and go for it on fourth down. Punting and FG attempts are not allowed in a real man's game.

matt said...

Anonymous beat me to it.

I never used my special teams - I couldn't tell you if Morton Anderson could kick a 20 yard FG in Tecmo Super Bowl.

brad said...

Oh, bring it on! I'll take the Jets with Al Toon and Rob Moore at WR. And they have a 4 headed monster at RB with Free McNeil, Johnny's Hector, Brad Baxtor, and Blair Thomas. I can't be stopped! I made Straub cry on a regular basis with these Jets.

birdhas said...

I used to not use special teams too, but then I turned 7, and my advance in intelligence led me to a realization....3 points is better than 0.

Also, my dad bought a lawnmower next to Al Toon.

Anonymous said...

birdhas, what?
also what?

atcj0611 said...

QB Eagles + Fred Barnett + Calvin Williams + Keith Jackson + reggie white= a very bad day for you. and who the hell kicks field goals?!?

Anonymous said...

well put! New england is awful, defensively and offensively they are worse....Hart Lee Dykes... awful.

Anonymous said...

Goad up the middle!