Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sports That Need More Air Time

The NBA is dead to me and College Hoops is still a couple weeks from getting really interesting. In the mean time, here's 5 sports that need to fill more of the air time void....or at least a reprieve from another Iowa-Northwestern matchup.

1) Ping-Pong. Seriously, have you ever seen this on TV? It's fascinating. What's better than two dudes like 20 feet behind the table rocketing spinners back and forth for an extended period of time? Oh, and the best woman player is a legitimate one-named hottie, Biba.

2) Horseshoes. Big fan of any activity you can do with a beer in one hand. Now, this doesn't make for good TV unless the players are required to drink while playing....and they get docked points for spillage. That could be fun.

3) Curling. This sport has it all: skill, strategy, suspense, and....more hotties. It's also deceiving. If there was any possible chance to compete in the Olympics, this would have to be the easiest route to take, right? Is there an Olympic sport less physically demanding than curling?

4) Bull Riding. The ultimate train wreck. Some guy could get his neck stomped by a 1100 pound bull at any given moment. Tell me that's not good TV? Plus, they follow these guys into the locker room after their ride and show them crack open Bud Lights and jam a half of tins worth of Skoal in their mouths. Awesome.

5) Australian Rules Football. ESPN used to show this back in the day, what happened? Guys would just hammer each other, pads be damned. Right in the middle of running the ball downfield, you had to dribble it once in a while like it was a basketball. Weird. The best part was the referee (sporting a white trench coat) signified a point by doing a double "Tim Harris Guns" signal. That was sweet. Never really knew what was going on, but I would always end up watching it for like 40 minutes.


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Anonymous said...

I had an Adelaide Crows T-shirt when I was little.


Not so anonymous Jake said...

I would like to add team handball and badminton to the needs more coverage list. Should I start a petition?