Friday, February 15, 2008

Ray King: A Model Of Health?

Ray King "...hardly has a gut..." Say it ain't so?

A new man: Reliever Ray King arrived in camp in the best shape of his life. He lost 23 pounds and hardly has a gut. King decided to stay away from junk food and sodas and start working out with son. He said instead of going to In-N-Out Burger, King ate salmon instead.

King decided to lose weight after watching some video tapes of himself dating back to 2003, when he was with the Braves. He felt that being overweight changed his mechanics, which prevented him from making better pitches.

"I had a reality check," King said. "I felt I had to better myself physically. I feel good. I look back and I say, 'What if.' You can't dwell on the past. The only thing you could try to do is change it and see what you can do about the future. The main goal was to try to drop these pounds and see if it could make a difference."


Anonymous said...

That is just good stuff

Woz said...

Lets get down to the real reason he lost weight:

His Cougar numbers must have been down last year.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Brad should follow in King's footsteps?

Anonymous said...

Dillon, quit wasting tax payers money at the Wis Dept of Administration.

Anonymous said...

Ok Im busted.
Good work Brad. I must have hit a nerve with the weight thing. Sorry bud.