Wednesday, February 6, 2008

National Signing Day

It's National Signing day and Bucky has signed a bunch of really good players, I'm sure. Included is - dare I say - the next Jimmy Leonard. Richland Center's Bradie Ewing will gray shirt this year but is so talented the coaches say he "could play a dozen positions." Oh, and Bo Ryan offered him a walk on opportunity for the buckets team. Not bad for a 6-1 white kid from Richland Center. I guess he was a late bloomer, so they didn’t have any full rides left...thus, the gray shirt. Story.

Also, this is just an outstanding story. Some kid calls a press conference to announce his decision to attend Cal....even though they never recruited him! Somebody was pulling his leg for months calling him and pretending to be Jeff Tedford. The media showed up and everything!


Anonymous said...


Woz said...

Does he get to hit that for signing his name on the dotted line?


brad said...

That's his mom. I wonder if his house was the popular one for sleepovers?

krycek said...

WHOA! Nice Cans!