Monday, February 18, 2008

Gagne Makes a Statement About Nothing

Eric Gagne apologized today for being a "distraction" and said that he's just looking forward to helping the Brewers to get to the World Series and the playoffs.

He did not guarantee a World Series championship, however.

He made two statements to the press, one in English and another in French. You can find the statement in English here. I didn't bother looking for the one in French.

He never mentioned the Mitchell Report in his English statement although he did so in the French statement, according to Adam McCalvy.

I'm guessing that he was so guarded in his comments because his lawyers told him to be careful - he doesn't want to face possible suspension from Air Bud for admitting to using HGH. However, he has clearly found a loophole in the MLB rules, in that any statement made in French cannot be used against him.*

*I made this up.


JamJam said...

He ought to man up and admit it. He gets absolutely zero respect from me until he does. What a pussy.

matt said...

I think some players are dodging this right now on advice of their attorneys because of Bud's threats of suspensions for players implicated in the report. Not sure if that's Gagne's story.

Damn lawyers.

highplaya said...

A lot of players used the drugs. Way more than in the Mitchell report. Time to forget about it and move on.