Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Billups of the Week - The man who can't feed his family

Our old buddy Latrell Sprewell is back in the news again.

Czaban was talking about him on air today. What a loser. File him in the same category as Jason Caffey. He has now lost his Yacht (named "Milwaukee's Best"...awesome) and his house in River Hills.

On the air they were trying to estimate how much money Spree has made in his pro career. Not sure of the figure, they settled on a rough estimate of $50 Million. Not bad huh?

Well guess about double that? Here are his career basketball earnings:
Season Team Lg Salary
1992-93 Golden State Warriors NBA $550,000
1993-94 Golden State Warriors NBA $700,000
1994-95 Golden State Warriors NBA $890,000
1995-96 Golden State Warriors NBA $975,000
1996-97 Golden State Warriors NBA $7,000,000
1997-98 Golden State Warriors NBA $7,770,000
1998-99 New York Knickerbockers NBA $8,300,000
1999-00 New York Knickerbockers NBA $9,000,000
2000-01 New York Knickerbockers NBA $10,125,000
2001-02 New York Knickerbockers NBA $11,250,000
2002-03 New York Knickerbockers NBA $11,937,500
2003-04 Minnesota Timberwolves NBA $13,500,000
2004-05 Minnesota Timberwolves NBA $14,625,000
Career (may be incomplete)

HOLY WTF!!!! $96 effing Million dollars!!! This BILLUPS can't even pay for a yacht and a house that were a combined $2 Million.

I'm an accountant by trade. I want to see his bank statements. I want to see his personal balance sheet. I want to see how this CHUMP AMONGST CHUMPS blew an approximate $50 million in after-tax straight CASH in a matter of several years. How does he have no assets to show for it?

Give me $1.5 million in cash. I will buy a few rental properties, live in a modest house, quit my job, and write this blog full time. You won't see me default on anything.

F you Sprewell.


Goldy said...

The thing I don't get is that his house was "only" $400,000. A great house for most of us, but hardly the palace of an NBA All Star. Actually, that was probably the crappiest house in River Hills.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

Easy to see how Spreewell scoffed at 3yrs/21 million b/c he has a "family to feed". That family must not eat anything but Caviar, Cristal, and Lobster.

Anonymous said...

We might make a lot of money but, we also spend a lot of money.

- Patrick Ewing

AP said...

Maybe he's just a concerned American trying to do his part by dedistributing some wealth thereby jump-starting a sluggish economy.

America thanks you for you contribution, Spree......

Anonymous said...

Loved the passion of the blog, Amen.

The house was bought in 1994, so i'm sure it is worth more now. I can't believe that is the value now.

Anonymous said...

What does "billups" mean, did he do something wrong?

brad said...

Wozzy, I see a request for a "Billups Refresher Course."