Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bank It!

The triumphant return of the "Brain Butch Face"


JamJam said...

Great game to watch on TV! Oh wait...F*** you Big Ten! F*** you Charter!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hoosier fans...Butch "called" bank.

matt said...

I'll add F*** you Time Warner Cable to jamjam's comment.

If any Hoosier fans start complaining about that bank shot, just remind them of the Eric Gordon banked 3 pointer that sent the game into overtime at Illinois last week (a game IU eventually won).

I don't think he called bank either.

greatone said...

I will 2nd the F*** Big Ten Network and Fox(they own 49% of the BTN).

There is no doubt the Polar Bear called the bank, he held the pose after the shot b/c he had no doubt. Get your airline tickets to San Antonio right now.

train said...

Why don't all you whiners tell your parents to upgrade to Dish.

matt said...

Oh look, Train is all grown up. Gee I wish I didn't live in my parents' basement anymore. I'm such a loser.

The point is that I shouldn't have to get the Dish to watch Badgers basketball in freaking Wisconsin.

I'll say it again. F*** the Big Ten Network and F*** Time Warner Cable.

The Big Ten Network has no leverage in this situation. To Time Warner Cable, the Big Ten Network is like dozens of other channels that aren't particularly relevant to a vast majority of its subscribers. They can live with this channel (on their terms) or they can just as easily live without it.

Currently, the Big Ten Network is pissing into the wind. Without viewers, they get nobody to buy commercials, therefore they make no money. I have heard (although I don't know this because I don't get the BTN) that most if not all commercials on the network are promotions for...the Big Ten Network.

I wish this wasn't the case but that's the deal. Either the Big Ten Network can stop living in pretend land and deal with the cable companies, or the network will rot and die and we'll be watching Big Ten games on ESPN + again. Hell, I bet bars and restaurants are loving this, because people will go out on a Wednesday night to a bar to watch IU/UW when they used to watch it in their living room.

That being said, I'll be sure to go ask my dad tonight before he tucks me into bed if I can please get the Dish for my birthday.

train said...

LOL! that cracked me up. Now that you mention it- yes- half the commercials are for BTN programming.....Oh well- I gotta get back to watching that Iowa V OSU gymnastics meet.