Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Badgers vs. Ichabods

The Journal Sentinel reported today that the Washburn University Ichabods have been sued by UW for trademark infringement, because, according to the suit:

Washburn is making use of both identical and confusingly similar variations of the Motion W mark, in a blatant attempt to trade on the goodwill of Wisconsin.

I'm not sure how much Wisconsin goodwill exists in Topeka, Kansas....but whatever.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome. Get those f'ers in Kansas.
It does seem "small", but you have to be consistent in protecting the action W. I do find it hard to believe you can protect such a subltle variation to a letter.

brad said...

Washburn screwed up from the start. How could they NOT use an Ichabods on their helmets? How about an Ichabod snapping the ball like the old Pats logo. That has a merchandise sale boom written all over it. Maybe Sloth from Goonies could be involoved.

Anonymous said...

Put the two side by side and you'll see the obvious differences. Red vs. blue, shadow vs. outline, curved bottom vs. straight.