Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prince Fielder or Ryan Howard?

Jason Stark has an interesting debate on ESPN right now - Who's The Best Young Slugger In Baseball: Prince Fielder or Ryan Howard?

His answer? There is no wrong choice.


AP said...

Ryan Howard, Born 11/19/79.

Prince Fielder, Born 5/9/84

What is he using to define the term "young"? That's a pretty big difference; one guy's 28 and one turns 24 in 3 months. Pujols is about 60 days older than Ryan Howard, so I would choose Pujols as my young slugger. But if you're comparing a guy who is currently in his prime, to a guy who is much younger and they seem equal, wouldn't it be a no brainer to take the younger guy? I'll take Fielder....thanks.

Benjamin said...

ap beat me to it.

matt said...

Actually, Stark's answer was Ryan Howard, because he has seen him play more often.

I think it's interesting that the people who commented on that chat were almost overwhelmingly in Fielder's camp. I also find it interesting that several said they were from NY. Looks like they're already heavily scouting a guy they hope will be a future Yankees player.

AP said...

I like how he picks Howard, and uses the reasoning that he's seen more of him. Howard made his debut 9/1/04, and Prince made his in June of '05. That's about a half season of differnce. Prince has about 250 less AB's than Howard for their careers; again that's about a half season difference. He's basing his choice on half a season, and then treating it like it's some tell tale sign of things to come because it's so much larger of a sample size. Nice.

He's comparing guys who are 4 years apart in age, who have both played out of their skulls for their age for several years, but focusing on that 1/2 year that he saw more of the older guy. Good job. I saw Chad Moeller hit for the cycle once, I'd probably take him rather than the top catching prospects in AAA right now. WTF?

AP said...

I also saw that before ESPN, Stark was a beat writer in Philadelphia a la Tom H. here in Milwaukee. Perhaps he's a bit biased....and an "either or" decision is the best we could hope for.....

My favorite line from this was, "....Fielder had a better year in the majors at age 23 than Howard had in A ball when he was 23." I can't wait to watch more of those moon shots launch out of Miller Park.