Monday, January 7, 2008

Now What?

Just watched LSU roll OSU in an exhibition game know as the "national championship" game. After seeing USC, Georgia, and West Virginia and play great in their games, now what? When does LSU play USC? Is that next weekend? Just curious.

And make it two straight embarrassing years for the Big-11's top two entries into the seemingly endless bowl season.


Train said...

There was a game last night? I consider myself a college football fan and I was mildly interested. Fox's production value could be part of that?

matt said...

At the beginning of the game, the non-Thom Brennamen announcer kept saying that "despite Jim Tressell's sweater vest" or "despite his looks" he runs a dynamic offense.

Since when did a sweater vest become a predictor of how complicated of an offense someone runs?

I also hope that we can now stop hearing about how the Big Ten's lack of team speed keeps them from competing with the SEC. I watched 3 Big Ten - SEC matchups (UW/Tenn, Mich/FL, OSU/LSU) and it wasn't lack of speed that did the Big Ten teams in - it was execution (or in Wisconsin's case, playing a generally piss poor game and then not kicking a field goal on 4th and2).