Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Michael Flowers is a Good Guy

Pretty neat story about Michael Flowers and his relationship with a young guy with Leukemia in one of today's Madison papers. Makes his last second bomb all the more special.

That was a great game to watch on Saturday. Two decent teams going at it. Tough game and they were letting them play. The Badgers still have problem with quick teams. This was evident from all the fouls Flowers and Bohannon picked up on the perimeter trying to stop drives. However, they were able to make up for this with good inside play. Butch had his best game as a Badger. His offensive boards in the second half were huge. A great rebound by Flowers prior to Landry's baseline jumper was also clutch.

It was a good victory for the Badgers. I was hoping for 2 of 3 against Duke, Marquette and Texas, but after watching Duke mop the floor with the Badgers and the problem with the penetration by Marquette, I am thrilled with this one win.

The Badgers have an easy start to the Big Ten Schedule. However, it will still be tough without a true PG in the line-up. Flowers is decent at point, but when he goes out and Bohannon and Krabby are dribbling, Yikes.

Finally, Assuming Hughes isn't out too long, I'll go with a 12-6 or 13-5 Big Ten record this season. I like the fact there are 18 conference games now as opposed to 16.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice that due to injuries and foul trouble, Ryan was twice forced to throw a "Whiteout" at Texas? For a 2:00 stretch in both the first and second halves, the lineup on the floor consisted of Bohannon, Krabby, Leuer, Gullickson, and Butch.

Of course the announcers couldn't point this fact out, although Bilas said something to the effect that Wisconsin didn't have a very athletic lineup on the floor.

Great win...probably the second-best win for anyone in the country outside of Texas @ UCLA.

Goldy said...

This was noted in the Goldy household. As you noted, that was the same point that Bilas mentioned that the line-up on the floor had a lot of skill but limited athleticism.

If you want to see limited athleticism, check out the Milwaukee Engineers basketball league. The results are often not pretty.

ajs said...

Majarus' Utes have nothing on us.

I would even go as far as predicting 15 wins in the conference. Unfortunately, that doesn't say a whole lot for the conference. Our toughest game in Jan could arguably be @Purdue- Indiana @ home??