Monday, January 7, 2008

Meton Hanks' Son? and Other Thoughts

  • Outside of the Steelers-Jags game a pretty boring slate of playoff games. The thing that will stick with me the most from this weekend's games is that Tampa Bay's rookie DL, Gaines Adams, may be Merton Hanks son. I was unable to find a good photo of Adam's neck on the web, but every time they showed him during the game, I thought, "Wow, does he have a freakishly long neck." Look for that next season. Hopefully he will do some sort of crazy dance with that thing.
  • Is there ever a Giants games where the announcers don't diagnose every little thing that Eli Manning does?
  • "We Are Marshall" is not a great movie. However, the quote "Lay it on the line" is used, so that is a plus.
  • I enjoy watching Jacksonville play. They are going to be a tough matchup for the Patriots. Need to have Henderson healthy on the DL.
  • Rick Rickert is playing ball in New Zealand this year.
  • Iowa is a terrible basketball team. They have one guy who was truly Dave Mader-esq and he played about 30 minutes. That is never a good sign. There were two guys for which Wisconsin's best defense was to leave them wide open 15 feet from the hoop and watch them clank jumpers. The Badgers are still rounding in to form. I don't think they are clicking yet, but an easy start to the Big Ten schedule will help them along.
  • On the Big Ten Network after the game, they played a Minnesota-MSU match-up from the 99-00 season. Joel Pryzbilla! Charlie Bell! Miles Tarver, the gayest player in Big Ten history! Mateen Cleaves' mom! Good Times!
  • Transformers was a decent movie. Nothing earth shattering, but didn't have high expectations going in. Little disappointed they didn't have the theme song from the cartoon. The chick in the movie was exceptionally not ugly. Never heard of her before. Megan Fox? No clue.
  • Journal Sentinel's big article today is about Holmgren coming back. Listening to the Greg Jennings interview on Bob and Brian this morning, he said he doesn't know squat about Holmgren outside of him being the Seahawks coach and its the same for most guys on the team. Favre is the only one left from the Holmgren era. Can't wait to hear this story 100 times this week along with Hasselbeck's "We'll take the ball we're gonna win" statement.

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