Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hey, There's a pick!

Good win for the Badgers tonight. The score was close to my prediction. 2 Points off for the Badgers, 5 off for Indiana. Steimsma had a decent game and the biggest suprise was he actually changed the look on his face and showed some emotion after his put back to put the Badgers up 20. I am thinking the Badgers shot over 75% on FTs but did miss 2 front ends in the second half (those should almost count for 2 misses). Krabby didn't get his usual 8-12 points but had a typical Krabby game. And Morris Cain did not play.

White was a monster down low. I am shocked the Hoosiers didn't go to him on every possesion. He was eating Butch alive, Butch had an awful game. By far his worst of the season.

The best part of the game was watching Indiana's inability to call out picks. In the middle of the second half there was about 4 posessions in a row where there was a pick set between the circles and the Indiana guy blasted in to the pick like he didn't know it was there. Then at the end you had Gordon run into a Krabbenhoft pick right in front of Indiana's bench. Did nobody on the bench call out that pick?

All in all, solid effort by the Badgers.


garcia said...

when the badgers lost to purdue, that made bigger headlines on ESPN and all other major sports sites moreso than UCONN beating Indiana, in Indiana. Now that Wisco has taken Indiana, there is just a tiny side-link. Is Indiana that overrated or is wisconsin getting more press than they desreve? I thought UCONN beating Indiana was bigger than Purdue beating Wisco! Seth Davis actually predicted Purdue to beat Wisco but thought Indiana would have taken care of UCONN. UCONN was shorthanded too! Yet when Wisconsin loses, it's like the biggest upset in the big ten. When MSU lost to Iowa, I don't think that got as much press as Wisco's loss to Purdue. I don't get it. It's like everyone is supr-critical of the Badgers.

garcia said...

Great win by the Badgers by the way...

Greatone said...

Good win, however I do want to call out the students last night though, we talked the other day about Purdue rushing the court. But for us to chant that Indiana is overrated when they are 1-2 spots in front of us in the poles is pretty embarrassing. I commented that the students may have chanted it towards the badgers.

Goldy said...

I agrre with the overrated thing. I mentioned that is pretty stupid to chant at a team that is ranked 2 spots higher. The Student Section at Badger games seems pretty weak. Not as good as us hardcore fans who suffered through the Fieldhouse and 40 point performances or the real hard core student fans that were around in the 80's.

BTW, if you are around Wrigleyville, I would be interested to hear your take. This isn't ment to be a slam or anything. You seem like a reasonable fan and I would just like to hear the Indiana perspective on the game. Thanks.

matt said...

I enjoyed Steven Bardo's pre-game analysis on the effect that Eric Gordon's injury would have on his play vs. the Badgers. I'm paraphrasing here:

Karl Ravech: Steven, what effect do you think Gordon's wrist injury will have on him?

Bardo: None. He's going to clown.

Ravech: He's going to clown?

Bardo: Yes, he's going to clown.

[Stunned silence, Ravech looks at Bardo like he has 3 heads]

Ravech: Do you mind telling those of us who don't know (including the person sitting right next to you) what you mean by "he's going to clown?"

Bardo: Yeah, it mean's he's going to go off!

OK, then. Dinkin Flicka!