Friday, January 25, 2008

Hey Look, An Actual Classic??

In between the reruns of American Gladiator, Arli$$, and Stump The Schwab, you can actually find a "classic" sporting event on ESPN Classic. Imagine that. I found one today: 1992 LSU @ Arkansas basketball. I couldn't change the channel. It was so fast, so well played, so exciting it made most of today's college games pale in comparison. LSU had Shaq(as a Junior), Vernell Singleton and a few white long range gunners. Arkansas countered with Todd "All" Day, Lee Mayberry, and a slimmed down version of Oliver Miller...someone who could actually (somewhat) match up with Shaq. Oh, and don't forget about the two hall of famers on the benches: Dale Brown and Nolan Richardson. Back and forth, big play after big play. Hell, it was tied at 74...WITH 7:00 MINUTES LEFT! The game went into overtime with the Razors prevailing like 106-97. Just a great game to watch. The real shocker is that these were not even close to the two best teams in the country. Come March, Arkansas was a #3 seed, while LSU was a #7!! That speaks to the quality of college hoops back then.

What's my point? Nothing really, except I sound like an old stodgy guy saying "well...back in my day, things were a lot better...." When it comes to college hoops, damn right that's what I'm saying! You think if Shaq played today he would stay in college until his Junior year? Doubt it. I still love college roundball, but the NBA stealing these players after one year is hurting the product....not that you needed me to point that out.


Goldy said...

I think the real shocker is that I own that Starting Lineup still in the box and it is sitting in my garage.

Anonymous said...

I don't have the Day, but I have about a half dozen each of Vin Baker and Big Dog in my basement somewhere.