Monday, January 14, 2008

Green Bay 42, Seattle 20

What a weekend. Went from the worst possible scenario (spotting Seattle 14 points) to the best (Packers host the Giants). First, a couple comments on the Seattle game. Mark Tauscher, game MVP. Grant and 4 were spectacular (after the first 3 minutes), but Tauscher man handled Kearny. Hell, there was so much talk about Kearny you would have thought he was Reggie White, Deacon Jones, and Mark Gasteneau all rolled into one. He did nothing, literally nothing. Didn't even show up on the defensive stat sheet. In fact, the entire defense was just road kill for the Packers. Even the much maligned guards were opening holes left and right. Tatupu, Kearny, Peterson, Trufant...nothing. Bigbie set the tone defensively by drilling guys at will.

As nice as it is to not go through Dallas, let's not assume the Giants are NFC Championship fodder. 9 straight road wins is impressive, weird almost. But with the game at Curly, the Giants banged up, and the Packers playing so's hard not to get very excited. "One week at a time," as McCarthey would say.


Goldy said...

As Tone mentioned, I don't think Kearney's name was brought up once during the broadcast, outside of the announcers mentioning he was having no impact on the game.

matt said...

The Giants are hot as a pistol.

However, Eli doesn't historically play well in weather - he's had perfect conditions for the first two rounds of the playoffs.

Travis said...

After such a big game I would have expected a bit more substance to this post, but then again Brad wrote it so expectations are never that high. Goldy break down the game already!

AP said...

Here's a link to a Giants fan who crunched some numbers for Eli's career in regards to temerature & wind conditions. I found it pretty funny:

Bill said...

I am still waiting for Matt to get on board. Matt this is a solid team that is well coached. McCarthy eased Grant back into the game after his to Ahman Green moments. Tauscher was a beast and the D just played well... I even found myself complimenting Tramon at corner. Good game and I think they will pound the G men.