Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Giants' "Blueprint" for victory

I've been spending some time searching the New York media for their take on the upcoming game this weekend. I came across this gem.

My God do I love asinine, arbitrary articles.

The New York Daily News provides 4 "points" on what the Giants need to do to beat the Packers:
3 of the 4 are pointless drivel...
- Get pressure on Favre and make him throw interceptions (duh, really?)
- Curb the holes the zone-blocking scheme has been opening up recently so the fullbacks can't get through to the linebackers (ie, stop the running game...again, really?)
- Limit mistakes and penalties (no shit sherlock).

But the 4th one is really interesting...
- Use a little misdirection

"The Packers have a young, talented, aggressive and physical defense that, in the words of one scout "will try to out-physical you." Their primary goal, on a cold day against Eli Manning, will undoubtedly be to stop the Giants' running game. And to do that, they are likely to slowly inch safeties Nick Collins and Atari Bigby toward the line."

"You'll have to be more physical than them and your running backs will have to pound it," said the personnel director. "Then (run) play-action off of that. Green Bay's safeties are going to cheat up to stop the run, so play-action is going to be good."

"They really challenge the quarterback and receivers on every throw," Baldinger said. "But if you get behind those guys, you can hit big plays."

Give me a break. While this might make sense in theory, there is NO MENTION during this analysis that states that the Packers have 2 of the best shut-down cover corners in the league in Harris & Woodson. Also no mention of the extra time play action allows the Pack to get pressure on Manning. Who is Manning going to throw to? Plaxico and Toomer will be SHUT DOWN. Do these fools actually thing rookies Steve Smith & Kevin Boss are going to beat the Packers? Puhhhhhhhhhhlease.

It's funny to think of people in New York reading this article and nodding their heads up and down saying..."Ok...ok...that's how we beat the Packers...ok."

Made up conversation between me and a drunken New York Giants fan:
Fan (drunk): "Hey do you know how we're going to beat you guys this weekend."
Woz (coherent as always): "I don't know...why don't you tell me?"
Fan (trying to be sophisticated): "We're going to make Favre throw picks, stop Grant, and use play-action to screw up your safeties!"
Woz (with a facetious tone): "Wow, I didn't know that."
Fan (sure of himself): "I figured you wouldn't know that."
Woz (smile on face): "What does a woman say after she's had her second orgasm?"
Fan (pauses...confused): "I don't know."
Woz (said stone cold): "I figured you wouldn't know that."


Anonymous said...

Did Mike Hunt write that article?

Anonymous said...

Did I see the words orgasm and Woz in the same sentence (and yet some how the name Andy Diehl is controversially absent)