Friday, January 11, 2008


Mike Cameron is the new Brewers CF. I find this highly interesting and it makes me think that another move might be coming. I'm just not sure how moving Hall to 3B and Braun to LF makes sense long term, especially since this is a 1-year deal for Cameron, plus a club option. What happens when LaPorta is ready in a year? Braun to right, Hart to CF? Is Hall our long-term 3B now? Maybe...

Lots of questions, and I for one will wait until the off-season is complete before saying I love or hate this signing. It doesn't help that Cameron can't play for the first month of the season because he's suspended. In Doug we trust, I guess.


Matt said...

Interesting to note that despite his relatively weak batting average last year, Cameron hit .275 with RISP with a .384 OBP. With RISP and 2 outs, those numbers rise to .295 and .419.

In 2006, he hit .317 with RISP and .349 with RISP and 2 out.

That's a trait that will be useful. In essence, Cameron is replacing Jenkins in the batting lineup, and we all remember how clutch he was with RISP.

JamJam said...

We're putting together a nice collection of juicers (Cameron, Gagne, Turn-blow).

woziszeus said...

This signing can be dissected in numerous ways but I think 3 issues are clear:

-Doug & Co have no faith in Braun at 3b. They were looking for any reason to get him to LF (easiest position on the diamond). The old saying applies..."If Carlos Lee can play LF, then anyone can play LF."
-The Brewers are making moves to make the playoffs THIS year. They aren't necessarily concerned about long term implications of moving Braun (ie...what happens in 2 years when LaPorta is ready, etc...).
-With all these moves done in the offseason...if the Brewers don't make the playoffs this year, Ned Yost will for sure be fired.

Goldy said...

Reading the J-S piece today.Braun seems pretty confident going to left. I love his attitude. He was working his ass off to become a respectable 3B, now he's busting ass to be an average LF. I like the move.
Also agree with Woz, this has become the make or break year for Yost.

AP said...

I just like getting Braun away from the hot seems like we're focusing on improving our defense as much as anything. I know there is probably at least 1 more substantial move yet to be made, but so far I like the direction we're headed.....

Not so anonymous Jake said...

I don't like the signing for many reasons.
1. Cameron misses the first month of the season.
2. He hits right handed, complete right handed lineup minus Prince
3. He is the right handed Jenkins, strikes out a ton
4. Not a fan of the moving everyones position for the quick fix. Braun will have to play third at some point. The club has just set back his progress a year. If Weeks can improve his defense, Braun can. Move Hall to left, leave Braun at third.

Shawn Green would have fit our lineup much better, I am hoping that Melvin has something else up his sleeve otherwise I am very disappointed.