Monday, December 10, 2007

Brewers Pitching Staff

Too much pitching? Is there such a thing? I would usually say "no," but with a boatload of capable arms, something's got to give. My way too early guess on who will make up the staff by opening day. I'll say they keep a 13 man staff because Sheets will get hurt.

Sheets - Medic?
Suppan - You know what you're gonna get
Yo - Sophomore slump?
Villanueva - Pitched great as a starter to end the year
Parra - They love this guy, he'll get every chance to make the rotation

Long Relief
Bush - Seems destined for this role
Cappy - He's done, in my opinion

Middle Relief
Shouse - Outstanding in 2007
Torres - Nice addition. Was a rock from 2004-2006
Turnbow - At least he makes thing interesting
Choate - Another lefty

8th Inning Guy
Riske - Never had an ERA over 4.00.

Gagne - I think the Boston pressure got to him. Love the signing.

Who's Left Out
Mota, Wise, Spurling are sent packing. I say Vargas gets traded. If they go with a 12 man staff, then who do you get rid of? Trade Cappy? Is Choate gone?


AP said...

There's definitely another trade coming here somewhere. I think we have something like 42 guys to make up the 40 man roster, and that's even after the non-tender to Mench. They'll either trade for a 3B/LF type, or restock the farm system with prospects. They don't seem too worried about the Gwynn/Gross/Dillon platoon in LF for '08. If we do sign a LF, how many of those guys become expendable?

Larry Wayne said...

Read that Torres may be retiring due to family issues- so he could be out

garcia said...

what about McClung? He was up for the closer's role until Melvin went on a bullpen what with him? Keep him and get rid of...who? There has to be a trade in the making, but I do not know where. Aquino was pretty good as an emergency starter last year. Do they keep him and bush for that role?

garcia said...

Pardon my vulgar language...I did not mean aquino ... i meant vargas... that name should have never come out of my mouth, I apologize!

brad said...

I forgot about McClung. How about Grant Balfour? LOL

woziszeus said...

AP is right about the trade. They have to get rid of Capuano/Vargas now. There appears to be no great trade value for a LF, so restocking the lower levels seems like the right call to me.

Unless Parra owns people in Spring (like Carlos last year), he will probably be sent back to triple A to start. Bush will be the 5, and whoever doesn't get traded (Cappy,Vargas) will be long relief in the pen. If anybody goes down in the rotation, Parra would get called up as the first option.

Wise is going to be on the team...they can sign him for cheap...if he gets outplayed in Spring...he can be cut loose or traded with no significant financial loss.

On paper, the team is looking sexy.

AP said...

Torres had that reaction b/c he signed a very fair (fair=good for PIT, bad for Torres) deal a while back and he had basically committed to being a Pirate. Then the orginization swept him away in a trade, and he feels jilted. Those retirement comments were made in anger with PIT, and when he settles down I think he'll play. Remember when Javan Walker was threatening to retire? Not the same situation, I know, but still comments like those are usually just players venting.