Monday, November 19, 2007

Random Junk

I couldn't go all off season without showing this at least once. This is the Brewer bullpen, for those that don't know.

I'm genuinely excited to watch Kansas-Mizzou this weekend. In football. Who knew?

Johnny Jolly is out "at least two weeks." That's big. He's a pretty good DT vs the pass and the run. GB will miss him against Barber/Romo/Julius in two weeks for sure.

Brett Bielema to Michigan? This is the second time I've seen it mentioned. Why not? He went 12-1 last much better can it get at Wisconsin?

Doug Melvin discusses the 3B-CF-LF merry-go-round in this JS Blog. Pedro Feliz is an option. Yippeee!

More from the wild and wacky NFL: Pittsburgh was in everyone's top 5 NFL rankings at 7-2. So what happens? They go out and lose to the morbid 1-8 Jets. That figures.

The Dolphins have a good chance of finishing the season 16 games out of first place in the AFC East. Nice.

Again, I'm asking someone to tell me exactly what Tony Kornheiser brings to the table on MNF. Watch/listen tonight and let me know.

I'm really sick and tired of every single year everyone says how "dangerous" and "underachieving" the San Diego Chargers are. After 4 years, aren't you pretty much "are what you are?"
2004 - 12-4, lost first round of the playoffs
2005 - 9-7 , Missed playoffs
2006 - 14-2, lost first round of playoffs
2007 - 5-5.
Isn't this enough proof that maybe they just a slightly above average team that got hot in the regular season last year?


Anonymous said...

totally wrong about the chargers. they are (were) a great team until the great Norv Turner became coach. when will teams learn to quit hiring coaches who fail at multiple places. look at their lineup brad and tell me they should be 5 and 5

AP said...

Why shouldn't they be 5-5 again???

They've lost to several playoff caliber teams (GB, NE, Jax) and they've beaten some teams that won't be going to the post season anytime soon (Chicago, Oakland, Houston). Nothing there says they're playing above/below their level.

LT is the f'ing man and so is Gates. 2 guys on offense. The FB Neal is essentially Bill Henderson; loved by many for his career but definitely past his prime. Rivers has looked exactly like the young QB that he is, and the offense has mirrored his struggles to score points.

On defense, I love Jammer. Guy's great. Meriman hasn't been the player he was last year when he was roided out of his mind. He's good too, but not the beast he was. Still, 2 guys on Defense.

Obviously, there's more talent there than i'm giving them credit for, but my point is that about 20 teams in the NFL have 2 guys on each side of the ball who are really good. But when you add a 1st place schedule to inconsistent/inexperienced QB play, they're right about where they shoould be. They're still in 1st in their division and they'll probably make the playoffs, but to repeat Brad's point, how can you say they are anything more than the 4th-7th best team in the AFC? BFD....

Anonymous said...

your pretty much wrong. look at their roster, then look at ours. if you follow football even halfway seriously you can't tell me they should be 5-5 and we should be 9-1. its all about good coaching. we have it and they don't. there defensive line and linebackers are just as good as ours, as is the defense as a whole. there quarterback is obviously not having the greatest year, especially with how well he did last year.

maybe ol Norv is putting too much on him, because they sure aren't giving the ball to LT as much as they should. the offensive line was dominant last year, and with pretty much the exact same guys this year, you can't tell me they all of a sudden can't block.

this a decent team which could be great, but has a terrible coach who pretty much anyone with a clue wouldn't have hired.

Brad said...

Those are all good points. My main argument was that it's been going on for 4 years now. Two years ago they had LT, Gates, Drew Brees, Marty S as coach and they still only went 9-7.

The year before they also had a good team that went 12-4, but lost to a pretty mediocre Jets home.

Norv Turner does suck as a coach, no doubt. But they ended the season as disapointments for 3 years before Norv.

I've herd a few different people say they have "the most talented roster in the NFL." Maybe they're just overrated.

AP said...

We have a legitimate QB, they have a guy in a sophmore slump. We have a Defense with 2 above average corners, 2 above average LB's, and a good D-Line. Their defense gave up 300 yds to Adrian Peterson. Are they better than the Patriots...God no. Colts?....nope. Pittsburgh?....I don't think so. Jacksonville?....maybe, but they lost to them so no. Honestly, they aren't great, and the only teams in the AFC they can say they are better than are teams like Cincy & Baltimore....whoop-a-dee-doo. I'd probably even say that Cleveland is better than them so far. Congrats on being the #6 team in the AFC. Stay classy San Diego.

What should their record be in your opinion?? undefeated?? What have they done in the last 5 years that makes you think they are some juggernaut?

AP said...

For Rivers, "Sophomore" meaning as a starter. I realize he's been there longer than two years.

Anonymous said...

ap, why are you such a condescending prick every time someone makes an argument you don't support. screw off.

AP said...

I had a ton of money riding on the NE/SD playoff game from a year ago. That team had "Saint Marty" as coach and i had 50$ on SD b/c i too thought they were the better team. I've never seen a team piss/choke away a big game that badly. Pathetic.

Also, BTW anonymous. I realize Norv sucks....he sucks out loud. But he's been pretty good at developing offenses over the years. Look at SF last year compared to this year. Who's fault is it that Rivers and LT haven't been great this year? You'll have to show me Rivers' track record again, because I know Turner's been pretty good for 2 decades (offense only).

If there's anything I've learned from this site over the last year, it's that the responsibility is on the players to perform, and coaching isn't very important. I would assume that applies to football also. I used to think like you do.....

AP said...

....and to answer your question it's b/c i am a condecending prick.

Anonymous said...

i think coaching is way more important in football than in other sports because no matter how good the players are if you have a terrible scheme that doesn't use the strengths of your players, you will fail every time.

I've heard that their defense, which is probably the strength of the team is nowhere near as aggressive as it was last year, and is probably merriman's and many of the other players strengths.

AP said...

I saw the aggressive Merriman get DESTROYED by 5 foot 10 inch Maurice Jones-Drew this weekend on a blitz. Perhaps Mr. Merriman has lost a little bit of his chemically enhanced agressiveness as well.....

Anonymous said...

pretty sure what happened to merriman on that play could happen at any time to any player in the league and in no way does it mean he sucks ass

matt said...

Hey a Chargers argument has broken out!

I like it.