Monday, November 26, 2007

How 'Bout them Cowboys?

Well, it's Cowboys week. And with it comes one of the biggest regular season Packers game of my lifetime. In fact, it's only the second time since 1969 that 10-1 has met 10-1.

I get the sense that nobody thinks Green Bay will win. Nobody on TV, nobody on radio, nobody on the internet, nobody here at work. My "official" prediction (the only one that really matters. Just kidding) will come on Thursday. Until then, the buildup will continue.

Here's what GB is up against, impressive indeed:

QB Rating: 105.3 (3rd in NFL; 1st in NFC)
Completion Percentage: 66.2 (6th in NFL; 2nd in NFC)
Yards: 3,043 (4th in NFL; 2nd in NFC)
TDs: 29 (2nd in NFL; 1st in NFC)

Catches: 64 (12th in NFL; 6th in NFC)
Yards: 1,093 (2nd in NFL; 1st in NFC)
Touchdowns: 13 (2nd in NFL; 1st in NFC)
Per-catch Average (at least 20 catches to qualify): 17.1 yards (5th in NFL; 2nd in NFC)

Yards: 715 (13th in NFL; 5th in NFC)
Touchdowns: 7 (t-5th in NFL; 2nd in NFC)
Per-carry Average (at least 100 rushes to qualify): 4.9 yards (4th in NFL; 3rd in NFC)

Catches: 59 (4th among in NFL TEs; 1st in NFC)
Yards: 750 (3rd among NFL TEs; 1st in NFC)
Per-catch Average: 12.7 (3rd among NFL TEs; 1st in NFC)

OLB DeMarcus Ware: 9 sacks (t-7th in NFL; t-5th in NFC)
OLB Greg Ellis: 8.5 sacks (10th in NFL; 8th in NFC)
CB Anthony Henry: 5 interceptions (t-3rd in NFL; t-1st in NFC)
S Ken Hamlin: 4 interceptions (t-6th in NFL; t-3rd in NFC)

P Mat McBriar: 47.3 average (4th in NFL; 3rd in NFC)
McBriar: 39.1 net average (4th in NFL; 2nd in NFC)
K Nick Folk: 94 points (t-3rd in NFL; 2nd in NFC)


Train said...

Nobody here at work?? You never even asked me?

Vai Sikahema takes one back for the Pack.

Pack 26
Cowboys 21

woziszeus said...

We'll need a Tony Romo blowup and a non-Brett Favre against the Rams in the playoffs blowup to win this game...

On paper, both the offense & defense seem similar. Turnovers & Special Teams are going to be the difference.

I can't even begin to make a prediction about this game...

Anonymous said...

cowboys 35
packers 17

wish it wasn't so, but the cowboys have no real weaknesses.

brad said...

Sorry were to busy breaking down the Duke frontline.

Unfortunatly, much will depend on tomorrows injury report. It's not looking good for Chuck Wood and KGB...those would be big losses.

matt said...

I bet the Packers' depth at defensive tackle will carry the day for them.

Brad said...

Matt - I know you are saying that mockingly, but, hell...with Cole, Jolly, and maybe KGB out...good thing there is depth there.

Anonymous said...

On a side note, when is GB going to get one of those foam-head, meat packing employees for it's mascot?

matt said...

I don't think KGB was going to see much time at DT in the Dallas game anyway.

brad said...

I thought you ment D-Line.

Anonymous said...

We'll lose this one, only to beat them in the playoffs when it matters.