Friday, November 23, 2007

Green Bay 37, Detroit 26

It was a costly victory indeed as guys were dropping like Americans at Operation Market-Garden (thanks Monty). It wasn't always pretty, but the results were another Packer victory.

The Good:
- Brett. 20 in a row! He seemed to be toying with the over matched Lions defense at times.
- O-Line. Favre didn't get touched. Grant rushed for 5.7 ypg (over 100 total). They were a big reason GB rolled up nearly 500 yards of total offense.
- Kampman. Just a beast.
- Special Teams. Chuck should have taken a punt to the house if not for a Jarrett Bush blocking gaff. Crosby was perfect. Ryan was effective. The only knock was a long KR by Detroit.
- Pass Defense. Kitna came in completing 62% of his passes...4th in the NFL. He only hit on 19-40 yesterday dispite the fact that Chuck left in the first quarter and GB had to play Frank Walker, Trammon Williams, Chuck Peprah, and Jarrett Bush the final 3 quarters. They performed adequately....against some pretty good WRs. Yeah, Detroit made a comeback against these guys, but it was in desperation with GB playing a modified prevent.

The Bad:
- Injuries. Chuck and KGB are unknown this week. Jolly is out. Tauscher, Driver and Rouse should be fine.
- The 1st Quarter. Ugly.
- The Run Defense. Detroit was able to run the ball much better than I predicted.
- Missed tackles. A number of guys seemed to miss tackles they usually don't miss.

Final Word:
I'm giddy for next Thurdays tilt. 10-1 vs 10-1. What more can you ask for. Breakdowns and injury updates to follow all week.


matt said...

We can thank our old pal Alex Lewis for Woodson's toe injury...I think he hurt it on that punt return.

AP said...

What's the over under for yards & TD's that Witten has VS. us next week??