Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gameday Gear

Just in time for tonight. Packers Zubaz

Note the "product overview":

Are your old Zubaz torn and faded? Have they lost their awesomeness? Have you been wondering where you could get a new pair to match your lifestyle? Here they are.
Favre is sure to throw 6 TDs when you've got these suckers warming your legs from the November chill. I already saw an old lady rocking her Packers leather jacket today (you know the jacket), which hasn't been worn since the Eagles playoff game a few years back.


brad said...

I bet she also had a female mullet, a pack of Camel non-filters and drove a Chevy S10

Bill said...

I bet she goes to the Lake Mills Kwik Trip also.

Bill said...

Ouch, I would have to buy an extra large... that sucks. I gotta stop drinking beer.

matt said...

She was actually only one of four clowns all decked out like they were at a Packers game when I went to grab lunch today. She did have a mullet, but I can't confirm the smokes or her vehicle of choice.

Another guy was wearing his mock Packers turtleneck under his Packers sweater.

I don't know if their office had a Packers dress-up day or what. It was ugly. I was going to go quiz them about where Nick Collins went to college or who Green Bay's third string QB is (trick question), but they ran off before I got the chance.