Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The mighty Turkey Day matchup doesn’t look as sexy anymore. The Lions have started playing like the Lions lately losing @ Arizona and at home to the Giants. The Packers, meanwhile, are still on fire…but anything can happen....

Running On Empty
And I’m not talking about Green Bay. You think the Packers struggle on the ground, check out the total rushing yards by Detroit in the last two games: Seven. Yes, seven. The Packers? 223.

Hey, Look…
…its an actual NFL quarterback! Jon Kitna isn’t Tom Brady, but he’s a big time upgrade over the most recent stains Green Bay has faced: Vinnie Testeverde, Brooks Bollinger, Damon Huard, Billy Joe Hobert, Browning Nagle, Shane Matthews...oops, got carried away there. Oh, and they also have a pretty solid WR corps.

Impeach Bush?
No, not that guy. I’m talking about 3rd CB Jarrett Bush who will see plenty of action vs Detroit’s 3 and 4 WR sets. Can he cover McDonald or Furrey on a consistent basis? Bush has been getting better. Tomorrow is a big test. That goes for Aaron Rouse as well. Fortunately, the Lions TE hardly even plays, giving the LBs less to worry about.

Giving Thanks
I have no evidence to back it up, but Detroit always plays well on Thanksgiving…even when they were brutal.

Jolly Out
The Pack will be without the services of DL Johnny Jolly. The D-Line should still be able to create pressure as Kitna has been kissing the turf more than any QB this year. Although a 10 sack effort by the Eagles skews this number.

Do or Die
This is almost a must win game for Detroit. The season is starting to unwravel with a very difficult schedule to end the year. GB, @ Minny, Dallas, @ SD, KC, @ GB. A loss would all but clinch the North for Green Bay and really send them reeling. A win would keep them right in the thick of the NFC Wild Card battle.

My Pick:
These seem to be two teams going in opposite directions. The Green and Gold mojo is just working too well right now, Thanksgiving Day or not. The last two weeks Kurt Warner, Tim Rattay, and Eli Manning have went a combine 55-76 passing (73%) vs Detroit. And now they are asked to stop Favre? Can GB lose? Sure. Pittsburgh just lost to the Jets for God’s sake. Will they lose? No.

Green Bay 30, Detroit 20

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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