Friday, November 30, 2007

Dallas 37, Green Bay 27

What we learned:

I will eat a heaping pile of crow. Wherever it is, I'll eat it.

What a weird game. It was a bigger blowout than the score indicated, at the same time it was closer than the score indicated...if that's somehow possible.

Bryant Gumble is the worst football announcer in history.

MM's game plan of being aggressive and taking shots down the field didn't work. Then again, Favre needs to at least look to see there isn't 3 guys surrounding 1 Packer. MM did, however, make good halftime adjustments.

Aaron Rodgers not only looked like he'll be a very capable replacement for Favre when he retires, he looked like he could start on at about 20 NFL teams this weekend.

This was the worst possible game for Woodson to miss.

If these two teams meet again, priority #1 has to be getting pressure on Romo. He could have sat in a Lay-Z-Boy back there in the first half.

Nick Collins does nothing. Rouse at least makes plays. I would love to see Rouse start when he's healthy.
The Packer run defense passed the test.
Hawk played a very good game.
Final Word:
Well, with a first half like that, they didn't deserve to win. Rodgers rallied the troops to make it a winnable game. That was impressive. Dallas was clicking offensively, Green Bay did the least early on. They have a long week to recover, regroup, and get some bodies healthy. This one hurts, but there's a lot of football left to be played.


matt said...

Will the immortal Nathan Jones become the answer to a trivia question?

Anonymous said...

I disagree, Hawk played an average game. Very good against the run, but like the rest of the defense, very weak against the Dallas passing game.

Anonymous said...

I did see him matched up with TO on a couple catches downfield. No chance any LB is gonna win that battle...

Goldy said...

On Barber's ru to the 5 in the 4th, I think it was the 3rd and 1 play in which Harris tackled him, I am pretty sure I saw Collins running away from making a tackle. I don'r know if he was trying to protect his knee, but he looked like a little bitch on that play. Then again, he was propbably operating at about 60% of his capacity due to the injury, so i should cut him some slack.

woziszeus said...

This loss is 90% on the Packers secondary...I don't know how you didn't mention Harris or Bigby...they both played AWFUL.

Amazing how the loss of Chuck threw the Packers defensive scheme out of wack. Nobody knew where they were supposed to be on those stupid zone coverages...Harris would check a guy at the line, then they would be wide open in the middle of the field.

Favre looked like a rookie in the first quarter.

We just made bad mistakes against them...they can be beat in January.

matt said...

Can Brett "put 'er in the old vice" this morning? I'm guessing no.

The Packers' safeties are terrible. Bigby commits 1-2 idiotic penalties per game. They need to find some real safeties in the off-season.

Larry Wayne said...

Bigbie-Its a friggin face mask- Dont touch it!

Darin Colledge was AWEFUL!

garcia said...

I think Collins and Bigby are terrible, Harris played an awful game, Hawk was average and needs to play above average, Poppinga does nothing as always and should be replaced and Farve was a joker out there. With that said, why the hell did we not blitz at all? The WRs were getting open anyway so what difference does it make if you blitz and they throw a complete pass and if you don't blitz? The difference is that without blitzing, the Cowboys were taking shots down-field, with blitzing they would be forced to make shorter passes. Let 'em beat you with the short stuff instead of the long crap. I give mr. Sanders an F for his scheme.

Second on the horrible Trammon Williams call...I hate J. Bush, he's almost as bad as A. Carroll but without the penalties. That said, it would have been better if Bush would have been in the game on that play because he would have been no where near the receiver and the ball was overthrown just a bit so there would have been no catch. Unfortunately Williams is fast and provides pretty good coverage so the fluke penalty was called.

All-in-all a pretty bad game, but with the right guys back and a non-disabled defensive coordinator, the Packers should be able to take the Cowboys the next time around no matter where the game is played.

Anonymous said...

now bush is as bad as carroll. christ before this game everyone was saying he was having a pretty decent here and a pretty good 3rd corner. don't get me wrong i thought he was awful, but don't overreact so much, the guy is newer to the league and has a lot to learn.

matt said...

Bush is not as bad as Carroll.

But he sucks. I never thought he was any good.

Anonymous said...

I think that the main thing that needs to be considered here is that there was a lack of pass rush on Tony Romo. If the Packers DB's had to cover me for 8 seconds, I could get open. The defense is a unit that needs to function at its finest. No pressure on Romo all night long...that is the bottom line. My two cents.

RickDeez said...

I agree, our pass rush couldn't penetrate their O-Line.. you put me back there with that kind of time and I'll find open recievers as well. I'm sure they struggles with blitz scenarios that pulled from our backline, Romo has been known to get rid of the ball quickly, possibly detering us from blitzing. Hopefully the backfield learned from this experience and we go detroy Oakland and St. Louis and the Bears, then run into Dallas again in the playoffs with Woodson.