Thursday, November 15, 2007

Any Minneapolis Readers?

I have an extra ticket to this weekend's Badger-Gopher game if anyone wants it. I guess the game is not sold out due to the fact that the Gophers bring in about 10,000 fans a game on their own. Wisconsin fans were unable to cover the remaining 55,000 tickets. Anyhow, this means that if you need 2, you could easily find another ticket and find somewhere to sit in the empty upper level.

Hopefully this game doesn't come down to a blocked punt this year. With the Gophers running the spread and it being their last game and defacto bowl game, it may be a little tougher than people think. I also hear that Donovan may not be 100%.


Willie Burton said...

Can you give me a ride?

Bobby Jackson said...

I was just poking around and they are basically trying to give them away.

Wayyy below face for decent seats. It's good to see Mr. Ticketking finally get his lunch money stolen.

Miles Tarver said...

Yah, Gopher fans are blaming the Badger fans for the lack of a sell out.

Anonymous said...

just think of it as payment for all the recruits that the state of minnesota offers the badgers.