Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Random Thoughts...

  • Despite beating LSU, Craig James put Kentucky 24th in his AP poll. Ummmm...
  • This college season is working out perfect. My main rooting interest in college football is for whatever makes the BCS and it's non-playoff format look the worst. We've had 3 undefeated before (USC, Oklahaoma, Auburn that one year), but that's rare. I always imagined the biggest greasefire would be having about 8 one-loss teams and a couple of questionable undefeated. Bingo, that's what we have as soon as Ohio State loses. NOBODY wants a South Florida-BC title game, but if they finish with zero losses, they have a case. Especially the Bulls who have a good schedule (won at Auburn). If this isn't the year for a playoff, there never will be. Take Florida, for example. They have two losses (both nail biters: @LSU, vs Auburn), but if they played on a neutral field vs BC, OSU, S-Florida, Cal, Oregon, or a number of other teams....who would you put your money on? College football is an all-time classic movie with a terrible ending. If I watched movies, I'd give you an example. Here's would be like Jake Taylor getting thrown out at first in that AL East tiebreaker game in Major League.
  • Matt Holiday's game clinching bomb in game 4 was truly awesome. Up 3-1 in about the 5th inning, Holliday hits a tape measure bomb to straight center field...just drops the bat to announce "see you in the World Series, bitches! Series OVER!" The crowd knew it, the D-Backs knew it, everyone watching knew it. I was waiting for Wayne Larravee to yell "DAGGER!"
  • Speaking of bombs, Manny needs to stop watching his homers. I swear he stood there and admired it for about 10 seconds last night. Yes, it was back-to-back-to-back, but at least get out of the box. Especially when you're still down 7-3.
  • If somebody makes banana bread and follows it up with the statement "this is the first time I've ever mad it," don't expect it to be good, or edible. My wife did that last night. The NHL called, they need a cheaper hockey puck. They called the right place.
  • Good thing all that non-stop talk about Dice-K last off season was worth it. Maybe not.

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woziszeus said...

Krey's mom makes the best banana bread.