Monday, October 1, 2007

One Final Obviously From The Glue

"You owe it to the team to stay focused on the games at hand and our goal, which was to win the division. Now, obviously, things had changed. There's only a couple days left, and if that's something that they're going to do, as far as not having me back, it would be nice to tell me and the fans in order to say good-bye that way." - Jenks


Doug Melvin said...

There's obviously no way in hell we are going to pick up the option on Jenkins. I mean, c'mon.....obviously.

geoff jenkins' agent said...

There obviously is a big market for a leftfielder who can't hit left handed pitching and strikes out about every third at bat.

doug melvin said...

....good point. We'll obviously offer you 5Y/62Million. You'd be wise to accept.....obviously.