Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm an Important Person

Mark Attanasio emailed me this nice letter thanking me for my support this season, and promising better things in the future.

I noticed that Brad didn't get the email - probably because he is a Brewers hater.


Brad said...

I am not a Brewer hater, just a Yost hater.

Why are your a Packer hater?

matt said...

I love the Packers. Just thought they'd be 5-11 because they can't run the ball.

Evidently running the ball isn't that important in the NFL any more. The Packer have only managed 54 yards per game on the ground and are still 4-0.

I also thought Ted Thompson was a fool to not trade a 4th round pick to get Randy Moss when he had the chance. I stand by that, although it hasn't hurt them in the W-L column yet.

I can remember the moment that someone told me that the Patriots traded a 4th for Moss. I was approaching the 6th green at Fire Ridge and I think I ended up taking a 9 on that hole because I was so pissed off.

Anonymous said...

Moss is a F'er. Of course he's doing great in NE...would he be doing this everywhere? No. Hey, there's a reason Oakland got rid of Moss and they got BETTER. Coincidence? No.

Tony said...


You are about 90% right, but it was number 5 at Hawthorn Hills, your brother got the call on his cell I believe. But I think the 9 you took had more to do with the fact you have no short game.

woziszeus said...

Matt is the Ty Tryon of Amateur golf.

Wrigleyville said...

so you took a 9 on the hole? it motivated you to do better?