Monday, October 1, 2007

Green Bay 26, Minnesota 17

Whew, that was close. 4-0, this is becoming a trend.

The Good:
- Favre, of course. 355, 2 TDs, 0 Ints. Maybe his Captain Rocketball days are over!
- Kampman. This guy is just a beast. He lived in the backfield all second half. Same with KGB
- Jon Ryan. Punted great (sans 1 shank), and broke a few tackles on a fake punt...picked up the first down. Please, save the "he should play running back" jokes.
- Pass blocking. Other than the one sack, Brett didn't really get touched.
- Kelly Holcomb. Good for Packer fans, that is. His numbers look pretty decent, but that doesn't tell the story. He was shaky all game long and, even better, showed all sorts of whiney body language after every incomplete pass. He looked like a baby out there.
- Brad Childress. Inexplicably, Adrian Peterson (BY FAR their best weapon) got like 2 carries in the second half. Wayne Fontes giving Barry Sanders the ball 13 times in a game thinks that's stupid.

The Bad
- Run blocking. Shocking
- The Grant fumble to give Minny a chance with 1:30 left can't happen.
- Don't know the number, but it seemed like GB had a bunch of penalties.
- Jarrett Bush looked bad. He couldn't cover Sidney Rice on crossing routes.
- Al Harris is all banged up. Knee, hand, shoulder...let's hope he has a speedy recovery
- Droppsies. The defense dropped about 4 potential interceptions.

Final Word
It wasn't always pretty, but a win at that stupid dome is always solid. 4-0 going back to Lambeau for games against Chicago and Washington. Two winnable games before the bye. How great is it to watch the Bears meltdown?

Favre is directing a good band at this point. Minny tried some different things by showing blitz on every pass play and doubling Driver. Didn't matter. The crossing routes over the middle continue to fool defenses, opening things up on the outsides (see Jones, James). The running game remains a concern, obviously. This certainly was not the game to even try running. Minny's front 4 is stout. Next week won't get much easier on the ground. Fortunately, the entire Bears secondary was out this week...if that's true this coming Sunday, Favre could have another field day.


AP said...

The Packers had 6 penalties for 40 YDS. The Vikings had 7-40. I know Minny is bitching that there was PI on the play that Bigby picked off Holcomb, but it also seemed to me that #21 got called for contact on one play when he was well within 5 Yds. When you consider Philly had 15 penalties for 132 yds last night, and that they were throwing at Bush all day and he didn't get flagged for a 20+ yard PI or anything, it's not too bad.

Good call on Holcomb's body language. I didn't notice it, but now Brad is like the 6th person I've heard mention it today.

Anonymous said...

Holcomb's body language has nothing on Eli Manning's pouty face or Paul Davis' cry face.

-Not so anonymous Jake

AP said...

I have noticed Eli's pouty face....that's another good call. Eli looks like he hasn't even started shaving yet, and whenever he throws an incompletion he looks like a 5 year old right after you tell them it's bed time.

Anonymous said...

Childress coached like Mike Tice without the pencil in his ear...

sleestak said...

yeah, but with Mike Tice you have the added factor of that stupid look on his face.