Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dr. Z is Not Impressed With Mike McCarthy

Here's SI's Dr. Z on the Packers' meltdown against Chicago:

During the intermission you're supposed to make adjustments. OK, they're gonna stop the run now, so here's what we'll do. What the Packers did in the second half was run the ball into the heart of the defense, like mindless idiots, and then throw the short checkdown on third down. They got one first down on their first possession, on a screen pass. And between that time and their last possession, with 1:58 left in the game, after the Bears had fought back and taken the lead, they didn't have any. Five straight series of three and out. Five series of garbage plays, highlighted by that lunatic pass Favre threw into Brian Urlacher's arms that came back for six.

Their last series, that ended with the Hail Mary that was intercepted, was something that had even the Favre apologists, and they're in full voice this year, rubbing their eyes. An entire drive of nothing but in-routes or crossing patterns underneath -- the kind of thing you give a rookie QB as a confidence builder, easy passes, clock killers. It's as if they hadn't worked on the two-minute offense during the week.

The Bears were the hungry team, at least in the second half. The unbeaten Packers were supposedly ready to move to a higher level this season. Uh uh. Sorry, not ready yet. Not tough enough. The Bears out-toughed them.

Despite the fact that Urlacher's interception did not "come back for six" (although it did result in a TD for Chicago), Dr. Z has some decent points here. Looks like he's blaming the coaching staff for coaching scared, just what we've been saying this week too.


sleestak said...

Every point he made is what I have been saying around the water cooler all week. Do you think that SI would hire me for my analysis?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Z. is generally a clueless moron, which still makes him considerably more knowledgeable than SI's Peter King. Z's accuracy in these statements is the proverbial "blind squirrel finding a nut" here.