Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bucks-Celtics, 1986

Hey TC, Stockton wants his shorts back!
Caught the Bucks-Celtics circa 1986 last night on classic. Man, those were the days:
  • I forgot how good Sidney was. He's a sure-fire hall of famer without all those knee problems.
  • Paul Pressey was also smooth. He looked like a player of today's NBA.
  • The MECCA court was sweet.
  • Brent Musberger sounds exactly the same 20 years ago as he does today. His voice is timeless.
  • Larry Legend sporting a huge mullet.
  • Which guy in the Bucks starting lineup doesn't fit in with the others in terms of skill and ability: Sidney, Pressey, Hodges, Cummings, Breuer?? Watching Breuer "guard" McHale was laughable.
  • Mokeski's middle name is "Keen." Why I remember that, I have no idea.


Htiek said...

Mo's Official nickname as printed in the Team's yearbook that year was "Speedbump".....Do you think he would have recieved D1 interest if he was a high school senior right now????

Brad said...

Wow Htiek, that's a great question! He would be a less athletic Dave Mader, which would be quite the sight to see...