Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Wonderful Day

This might be my favorite opening day of college football ever. Among the good things that happened today:
  • Wisconsin buried Washington State even though the ball was not bouncing their way early.
  • Michigan lost to a I-AA team. Ha.
  • Notre Dame was just brutal in losing to Georgia Tech. Ha ha.
Michigan's loss is just a beautiful thing. Remember when Bucky lost to North Dakota State? This is a hundred times worse. How bad does a Michigan fan feel about things right now? I love it.


Anonymous said...

apparently my man tyler donovan isn't as bad as the so-called genuises on this blog thought?? and i can here the comments now, oh well he didn't really play that well, he under threw to a couple guys and missed two open receivers. blah blah blah a win is a win is a win flamers.

Goldy said...

Tyler Donovan's Uncle:

Donovan looked good on Saturday, but I am still not sold on him being the kind of QB that can lead a team to a national title.

The long TD throw to Swan was perfect. The first down pass to Xavier Harris was solid as well. Tyler went through his progressions nicely and hit the open man.

Now, this is why I am still not sold. He had all day to throw the ball. Really there were only two times he was under pressure. Most D-1 QBs would look good here. Also, guys were wide open all day long. I think that was Osita Nwashuku in Wazzu's D-backfield. The secondary for Wazzu was just terrible.

I sat in the end zone on the fieldhouse end at the game. Pretty crappy seats, but got a much different view than you get on tv. At the game (and plenty of MGD may have clouded my judgement) It looked like he missed a fair amount of open guys and there were other plays that he hit the WRs, but they had to make some major adjustments and if he hit them in stride, they were off.

I watched the game on tape this morning, and Donovan (along with the all red unis) looked much better than they did in person.
So, I think Tyler did a great job an Sat. He looked good and avoided turnovers. I think he is much better throwing between the hashes than he is throwing to the outside. The ball seemed to sail when he threw to the boudaries.

However, I still am not sold on him being a national title caliber QB yet. 10-2, sure. 12-0, not sure yet. Lets see what happens when he faces a pash rush and a living, breathing secondary.

Finally, in regards to the flamers comment, you are talking out of your ass there Uncle. Yes, I would rather see Evridge at QB, but in no way am I rooting against Donovan or hoping he plays bad. I would love to be able to admit I was wrong in thinking Tyler was not a national title caliber QB.

What would be beter than a Wisconsin kid leading the Badgers to a magical season? You have your opinion and I have mine and as of now, I am not sold on TD yet, but I am coming around.

Train said...

Easy there Cowboy- nobody ever claimed TD was 'bad'- He played well and probably good enough to win 90% of the games. Fortunately, the expectations (at least locally) have risen to running the table and winning the big daddy. Is he the man for the job? Early indications- might be. Lets get Iowa in here and get this thing started.

Train said...

A few other apologies while I'm at it: I apologize to the Carmini family in Cottage Grove. I claimed after the spring game GC wouldn't crack the starting line up. He proved to be a very athletic LT and showed a likeness to his predecessor. He's on track to be a good one.

Also, the Clay family in Racine. Your boy John did very well in summer school and we are proud to have him in Red and Red. He should be able to take some snaps at RB in the Big Ten opener. I hope he runs up field instead of turning his back to the defender on contact. Come'on PJ- you're better than that.