Wednesday, September 12, 2007

R.I.P. Bodacious

Willis presented by Miller Lite mourns the loss of Bodacious

I came across this little miniature horse news item while perusing my Newsweek at home. A reader submitted a quote in the Perspective section (you know it - the section with the cartoons) ...and I quote:

"I wish they hadn't eaten my horse. But that's a part of living up here." Otsie Stowell, whose miniature horse was eaten by a mountain lion in Nederland, Colo. The horse, named Bodacious, had been a family pet for 15 years. It was always invited to children's birthday parties and was a popular fixture in the neighborhood.

Couple of things jump out at me there. First, Otsie is a hell of a name.

Second, when did Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure come out in theaters? Because I think that was the last time I heard the word "Bodacious". Google tells me it came out in 1989. That's a little more than 15 years ago (18 to be exact) but I'm going to assume that's where our dearly departed Bodacious got his name.

Either Socrates, Ted, unknown (Billy the Kid maybe?) or Bill S. Preston, Esq. probably just witnessed something bodacious.

Third, what did the children do to Bodacious at the children's parties? I'm going to have to assume that there was some "pin the tail on the donkey" going on there.
There are some solid quotes in this story that I linked to as well. Among my favorites:
Bodacious was one of two miniature horses Stowell had as pets. He weighed 400 pounds — about the size of a small elk — and spent his days in a 200-acre pasture with Stowell's other three horses.

Apparently in Colorado they compare things to elk. I, personally, would have no freaking clue how big a small elk was, but I would have thought it would be bigger than a miniature horse.

"It was pretty sad," said Stowell, who has lived in the area for 27 years and has interacted with mountain lions, bobcats and bears.

Who writes things like this? "Has interacted with mountain lions, bobcats and bears?" Man, I would not survive in Colorado.


Adam said...

Nederland is real close to Boulder so if you know anything about the hippie town that is Boulder, you'd know Otsie isn't an odd name, everyone in the general area is so stoned that they think naming kids after oats is a good idea. We don't compare everything to elk, we also use deer, bears, and Mountain Goats.

But you'd probably get by just fine in Colorado, we don't have crazies named after food products or wild animals running around, at least some of the state. Plus we don't have faith in our baseball team to ever perform in the clutch either.

Goldy said...

I am sure Otsie has said, "Yo, Bear, Yo" at some point in his life.

Radical said...

Bodacious is a great word

Gnarly said...

I agree with radical....

Anonymous said...

Did that story take place in San Dimas, CA or what?

Bill said...

Matt, I was shocked to hear you read newsweek... for about the last year it comes in the mail to my house and then directly into the recycle bin...

Anonymous said...

Dust, Wind, Dude