Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quick Thoughts

Don't mess with Natty Bumpo.
  • It was great to see how genuinely happy and excited Prince was after he hit his 50th homer. The guy loves to play baseball and I can see why others view him as a leader of the team. I am glad he is a Brewer. It was also nice to watch his progression in the dugout after the homer from his dip, to a packet of seeds to gum. Good times and way to go Prince!
  • I think Donald Driver is one of the, if not the most underrated players in the NFL. They continue to show the stat how he is number 3 in balls caught over the past three years. He has had no TEs or #2 receivers to take the pressure off of him and he is not afraid to go over the middle and fight for the ball, even if it means taking a big hit or a cheap shop that involves 2 forearms to the chin. The fact that Driver came from nothing to make himself into a very good NFL receiver is a great story.
  • Speaking of Driver, that non-pass interference call on the Packers first drive was atrocious. That play really swung the early momentum. Not saying the Packers would have scored on that drive, but they were moving the ball nicely, and as opposed to having a 1st and 10 on the Chargers 40, or there abouts, they have to punt and the Chargers go right down and score. How none of the officials saw the PI on that play is beyond me.
  • The new Nike Shawn Merriman/Stephen Jackson commercial with the Last of the Mohicans song is one of the best commercials I have seen in some time. A great concept and the music makes it all the better. While the Last of the Mohicans book is a great story, it isn't the easiest read in the world, lacks a solid flow. But hey, Cooper also lent his name to Cooperstown and I have my photo by his statue there, so that's all good. Anyhow, I liked the movie much better than the book. It is a great story and the movie had a good amount of ass-kicking and scalpings. I really think Last of the Mohicans paved the way for movies such as Braveheart and Gladiator in terms of showing graphic battle scene violence but still being able to tie it into a great story. I would definitely put Mohicans in my top 5 movie list.

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Goldy said...

One more thing. I saw on the ESPN bottom line tonight that Corliss Williamson retired today. Really? Wow, I would have assumed this happened about 5 years ago.