Monday, September 17, 2007

A Fortnight Remains

Brewers have 14 games remaining, 7 on the road and 7 at home. They are even with the Cubs in the loss column, but a game back because the Cubs have played (and won) 2 more gams than the Crew.

What will the Brewers record have to be over the last 14 days to win the Central?

I think 10-4 would be good enough, but would 9-5 or 8-6? Don't know...the Cardinals really f'd the Brewers over the weekend by losing 3 of 4 to Chicago. The Cubs play Cincinnati 6 times over their last 12 games - let's hope the Reds stay hot.


AP said...

The good news is the Brewers face two meatball pitchers in Houston & the Cubs face Harang & Arroyo in their series.

The bad news is we always seem to have problems w/ pitchers who look poor on paper & this isn't exactly a great team on the road for whatever reason.

I would say 8-9 more wins should get us at least to a playoff. I'm just more concerned w/ the remaining 7 road games. If they can find a way to go 4-3 in those games, I like our chances. I don't think they can win 3 of 4 in Hotlanta, so they'd better find a way to win 2 in Houston.

Larry said...

Cox will throw at least 3 games in Atlanta so his boy can get into the playoffs.

AP said...

I hope you're right about the "Cox Connection"! That'd be awesome...

Mike Piazza said...

I like the "Cox Connection"!

woziszeus said...

85 to tie. 86 to win.
2 out of 3 in Houston.
Split in Atlanta.
5 out of 7 at home to close. Hopefully somewhere in there we can sneak an extra win or two to take the whole thing.

The Padres series scares me though. Those suckers are going to be playing for the West. Two teams playing for their division

sleestak said...

Thanks to the Reds bullpen and their gas cans for that fine performance last night! Asshats!