Thursday, September 20, 2007

Floyd Goes After Cox, Braves

Crybabyville (IL)

Cubs leftfielder Cliff Floyd had some choice words for Bobby Cox and the Atlanta Braves organization after reviewing the probable pitchers for the Braves' four-game series with the Milwaukee Brewers.

"Who are Jeff Bennett and Jo-Jo Reyes?" Floyd fumed. "And where are Maddux and Glavine? That ticks us off when teams don't play their best pitchers. I mean, those two guys are hall of famers and 300 game winners, and they're pitching Jeff Bennett and Jo-Jo Reyes? Look at Cincinnati - they're playing their tails off and they've already been eliminated from the playoffs."

Floyd was not satisfied when reminded that Maddux and Glavine no longer play for the Braves.

"That's real convenient - I don't like it when GMs play games at the end of the season like this," Floyd ranted. "How about Mike Hampton? Steve Avery? You expect us to win this division by ourselves? How about a little help?"


Brad said...

Yes, it's THAT Jeff Bennett. The ex-Brewer of flat-brim fame. Oh, it's his first career start.

Merry XMas Ned

From, your protege...Robert Cox.

Real Debate said...

Is that a real quote?

Where did you get that?

David Copperfield said...

it's real magic alright. Open up your mind...

The Sarge said...

So we're just supposed to take it on faith when Bobby Cox tells us that Bob Horner needs rest and Al Hrabosky is nursing a sore ankle? How dare you.

matt said...

I got it when I interviewed Cliff Floyd in Crybabyville, IL.

It's not real - a joke.

Tony said...

WOW, did you just hve to explain that? Scary.

p.s. Port High Football Rules! -- not a joke

Billy Madison said...

Knibb High football rules!

Anonymous said...

What is this, a HS pep rally? WTF??

Wrigleyville said...

I've been thinking about it, and I really think Prince's ass looks fat in that uniform. But maybe not as fat as Estrada's.

mmm cheese curds.

Anonymous said...

Nice Billy referance but the best line is none spoken. Franks surprised look on his face when billy answers his question:

Frank:Who would you rather bone, Meg Ryan or Jack Nicholson?

Billy: Jack Nicholson now, or 1974?

Frank: '74.

Billy: Meg Ryan.

Chip Wesley said...

Yeah really, who are these guys? Where's Phil Niekro?