Friday, September 21, 2007

Dillon Contributes to Hall of Fame!

Who knew journeyman Joe Dillon would contribute to baseball's hall of fame? Dillon became the first right fielder in history to play wearing roller skates rather than baseball cleats. "I'm proud, real proud. That play in the 1st inning was unfortunate, but historic," says Joe. "My family, friends, and Brewer teammates are awful happy for me."


matt said...

That was one of the most ridiculous plays I've seen in a major league baseball game. There should be a rule change to make plays like that scored as errors.

That's how I look in right field when I play softball and have to try to catch some moon shot.

Anonymous said...

Was there a sniper in the ATL stands....Dillon looked like he got shot.

matt said...

Or took a punch from Mike Tyson circa 1988.