Thursday, September 27, 2007

Breaking News....Yost OUT Tonight

Breaking news through reliable sources that Ned Yost is OUT for tonight's game...suspend for the Brewers recent bean ball incidents.


Wrigleyville said...


Goldy said...

Honestly, this does not make much sense to me. Why would he be suspended. What did Ned do that crossed the line to such an extent that he would be suspended while other managers are not? I trust the source, just not the source's source.

Anonymous said...

I guess bringing into McClung to drill Pujols was so was the only choice. Especially after both benches were warned and Prince got hit.

goldy said...

And now that it is official it looks like I was as wrong about this as I was about predicting the Packers first 3 games!

The Source said...

THURSDAY, Sept. 27, 2007, 3:43 p.m.
By Tom Haudricourt

Yost suspended for 1 game, McClung for 3
Brewers manager Ned Yost was suspended for one game and right-hander Seth McClung for three games for their actions in the 7-4 loss to St. Louis Wednesday night.

McClung and Yost were ejected after McClung hit Albert Pujols with a pitch in the eighth inning in obvious retaliation for the Cardinals drilling Prince Fielder with a pitch in the second inning.

Home plate umpire Tom Hallion, who had warned both sides after Fielder was hit, immediately ejected McClung and Yost. The manager is automatically ejected after warnings have been issued if his pitcher is tossed after being warned.

The ejection was the third in four games for Yost.

Bench coach Dale Sveum will manage the Brewers tonight in the opener of a four-game series against San Diego. The Brewers are two games behind first-place Chicago in the NL Central with four games remaining.

matt said...

Is it really necessary to suspend Seth McClung for the season?

This is dumb. Not that McClung really matters, but the principle of the whole thing.

matt said...

Too bad Ned didn't use Matt Wise or Turnbow to hit Pujols.

I could go without seeing those guys for the rest of the year.

Brad said...

I bet if it wasnt the first pitch, it wouldnt be 3 games. The very first pitch just looked too obvious.