Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Big Ten? Big Blah.

My god, the Big Ten football season has been a complete disaster thus far...look at what happened last weekend, for starters.
  • Iowa got beat by perennial Big XII doormat Iowa St.

  • Minnesota lost to Florida Atlantic (that's in the Sun Belt conference, if you're wondering)

  • Northwestern lost to Duke, at home, snapping Duke's 22 game losing streak.

  • Wisconsin scraped by The Citadel (although I have yet to see video evidence of this because I don't have the Big Ten Network).
This all, of course, pales in comparison to Michigan's first two weeks, losing at home to Appalachain State and getting drubbed by Oregon.

Off the top of my head, the only decent wins for a Big Ten program this year have been Wisconsin's performance against Washington State and Ohio State's win at Washington. And we don't know how good those teams really are until they get into the PAC-10 schedule.

Not like we expected Minnesota or Northwestern to be any good this year, but when you're losing to Duke and Florida Atlantic that is not a good sign for the strength of the bottom half of the conference.


Anonymous said...

Iowa State was 0-2 coming into that Iowa game with losses to Northern Iowa and Drake. Ouch!

Wrigleyville said...

You always leave out the 3-0 Indiana Hoosiers over here. I think they should be in the Top 5.

Brad said...

Don’t forget about last week. Bucky looked less than average squeeking by UNLV. Ohio St was up on Akron 3-2 at half before pulling away. Minnesota edged Miami of Ohio (and lost to Bowling Green in week 1). The team with the most pub thus far has been Penn St. I ask why…because they hammered Notre Dame?? That’s not a good reason. When is JoePa gonna die, anyway?

Bill Mallory said...

Yah- you hear this same stuff every year (FB and BB)- I'll wait till bowl season before I stake claim that the Big10 is down.

Although- early indications are pointing that way~

thecobra said...

Um I think the Boilers are 3-0 with plenty of points to boot.

Tony said...

You can’t keep a cobra silent forever. Nice work boys rip on the big 10 and we found the cobra’s hot button. 3-0 yes but Purdue still sucks. Welcome to the Party that is Chuckie Hacks Cobra