Friday, August 3, 2007

Your First Place Milwaukee Brewers

"I am a retarded mini-horse"

The Cubs bullpen reverts to form and the Brewers are once again in first in the NL Central. Hopefully today will be a better experience than yesterday at the old ballpark. The terrible game along with our seating location along the 3rd base line in the sun made for a rough day.

The highlight of the day was one of the guys in our group suffering from heat exhaustion. As he was getting loaded on the little ambulance thing, I happened to walk by. Someone had to go down to the first aid place with him, so that ended up being me. The highlight of the first aid room was the drunk/sunburned 20 year old who looked in rough shape. When her very intoxicated friends walked in, they yelled out, "What's up bitch!" and flashed her. The girl immediately started crying.

Really, a great time in the Miller Park First Aid room.

Looking forward to a win and the start of building our lead back up tonight!

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